The Percy Bilton Charity is a grant-making trust (registered charity number 1094720) and company limited by guarantee founded in 1962. 

Grants are made to organisations and individuals in need throughout the U.K.

Charities assisting disadvantaged youth, people with disabilities, people with mental health problems and older people may apply for grants towards furnishings and equipment (excluding office items), building or refurbishment projects.Social Workers, Community Psychiatric Nurses and Occupational Therapists within Local Authorities or NHS Trustsmay apply on the behalf of individuals in financial need who have a disability or severe mental health problem, or who are over 65 on low income, for grants to purchase basic household furniture, equipment and clothing costing up to £200. An application form may be requested by one of these professionals by emailing or telephoning the Charity.

For more detailed information about how to apply, please click on the links below:

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