The Percy Bilton Charity was founded on 9th July 1962 by the late Percy Bilton for exclusively charitable purposes. Percy Bilton was an entrepreneur who in the 1920s and 1930s built up a group of successful property companies which in the 1970s was listed on the London Stock Exchange. He endowed the Charity with a substantial parcel of shares in Percy Bilton Limited, which later became Bilton plc.

Although the companies were legally separate, the Charity shared in the success of Bilton plc for many years receiving a steadily increasing dividend income.  The investments in both Bilton plc and in the unquoted company were sold in 1998 and the total proceeds are now invested in a diversified investment portfolio. 

During his lifetime, Percy Bilton took a keen personal interest in the activities of the Charity retaining his involvement until his death in 1982. The directors of the Charity, who are its trustees, have continued the Charity's activities in accordance with the charitable objects set out by the founder.

The directors have redefined and updated the Charity's grant making policies over time to suit changing social and economic needs. The Charity makes distributions primarily in areas relating to older people, the disabled and children and young people who are socially or educationally disadvantaged or underprivileged.